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Perspective Is a Happy Child

It pains me to think how I’ve neglected this blog lately (and I don’t even want to think about the other one). The truth is my brain has been so churned up (oh, that sounds gross) that I don’t think … Continue reading

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Remembering, Like You

It’s cloudy and rainy this morning. The kids are in school. My husband’s traveling. It’s just me and Reesie-pup, waiting on the bug guy. And I am remembering, like you. Today is 9/11, a fact that didn’t register until Christian … Continue reading

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The Highlights of Highlights

What can I say about my first-ever writers conference? Only that it was awesome and intense and that I chose well. Not that I went shopping for it, but of all the conferences out there, a Highlights Founders’ Workshop was … Continue reading

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Sanity Returns, but…

I’ve been away for much longer than I intended. The summer got away from me, and now it’s all but over. The last couple months have been crazy hectic, and today sanity returns. But…it’s awfully quiet. The kids are both … Continue reading

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Test Tube Miracles…and Humility

On Friday, my sister’s children will graduate from high school. That’s pretty amazing, considering their start in life. You see, they are “test tube babies.” Do you remember that term? Do you remember how incredible the idea of babies conceived … Continue reading

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May the Fourth Be With You

This Friday MAYbe blog has got me stumped, because Fridays are for funny. I’m not really sure how to write funny, even though one of my classes when I went back to school a couple years ago ended up being … Continue reading

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My Bar-Hopping Baby Boy

(Blog me MAYbe Day 3) My son, Ryan, turned 21 a couple weeks ago, while away at college. It was a busy Saturday, and that night he and his friends celebrated at Chili’s where he was carded for the first … Continue reading

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