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Staying Afloat

So, I’ve been gone a while. I have no idea if any of my wonderful online friends are even hanging around anymore, but if you are thank you. And I do apologize for not answering comments or visiting blogs lately. … Continue reading

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100 Percent Protected

I dreamed about my dad the other night. He was there, just for a moment, just long enough for me to recognize him before he disappeared to wherever angels go. In my dream he was an angel, and all I … Continue reading

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Miss You, Daddy

Yesterday, I did not leave myself time to ponder the fourth anniversary of my father’s death, I kept myself busy. I took my mom to the movies and then to lunch to keep her (and me) distracted. I was a … Continue reading

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A View from the Middle

I never understood the concept of middle age until my father died. Before then, I was protected from it, cushioned between my parents and my kids, part of the generation on the ascendance. I was content to remain in that … Continue reading

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