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Test Tube Miracles…and Humility

On Friday, my sister’s children will graduate from high school. That’s pretty amazing, considering their start in life. You see, they are “test tube babies.” Do you remember that term? Do you remember how incredible the idea of babies conceived … Continue reading

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May the Fourth Be With You

This Friday MAYbe blog has got me stumped, because Fridays are for funny. I’m not really sure how to write funny, even though one of my classes when I went back to school a couple years ago ended up being … Continue reading

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My Bar-Hopping Baby Boy

(Blog me MAYbe Day 3) My son, Ryan, turned 21 a couple weeks ago, while away at college. It was a busy Saturday, and that night he and his friends celebrated at Chili’s where he was carded for the first … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Things that Make Me Happy

Ryan was home from college this past weekend. My astrophysics-major son has decided he loves to teach and now, in his sixth semester of college, is taking his first education class. His assignment was to spend the day with and … Continue reading

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Mood Music

Music. I’ve always known it can make me feel happy or sad, energetic or mellow. But today (Sunday), in church, I felt it heal me, and I can’t say that I’ve really felt that before. The morning started pleasantly enough … Continue reading

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Freezing in Arizona and Christmas Again

Brrr…it’s cold out this morning! Thirty degrees at 6 a.m. and frost on the grass. Some will scoff, I know, but for this Arizona girl that is dang cold. I know it will warm up a little by the time … Continue reading

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Oh, To Be Needed

Today is Christian’s 15th birthday. Wow. Yesterday, I was remembering what it was like to have smaller children — all the chasing after and the running around, the T-ball practice and piano lessons, the morning rush and the bedtime stall. … Continue reading

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