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The It-Just-Figures Crapfest—Alive and Well and After My Dog

Shhh…my husband is gone again this week and I’m hiding from the crapfest… I should have whispered when I publicly outed the “It-Just-Figures Crapfest” last March. I think I pissed it off, because it showed up with a vengeance in … Continue reading

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R-Rated Classroom?

Here is a dilemma–not mine, thank goodness, though it easily could be. This came from friends in Wisconsin. Their 16-year-old child’s Spanish teacher sent home a permission slip that said, “We are going to watch several R-rated movies in class … Continue reading

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Remembering, Like You

It’s cloudy and rainy this morning. The kids are in school. My husband’s traveling. It’s just me and Reesie-pup, waiting on the bug guy. And I am remembering, like you. Today is 9/11, a fact that didn’t register until Christian … Continue reading

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The Highlights of Highlights

What can I say about my first-ever writers conference? Only that it was awesome and intense and that I chose well. Not that I went shopping for it, but of all the conferences out there, a Highlights Founders’ Workshop was … Continue reading

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Test Tube Miracles…and Humility

On Friday, my sister’s children will graduate from high school. That’s pretty amazing, considering their start in life. You see, they are “test tube babies.” Do you remember that term? Do you remember how incredible the idea of babies conceived … Continue reading

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Broken Bones and Blessings

I have not been too consistent on the posting for the Blog Me MAYbe challenge. I missed yesterday’s post, in which I was to ask something about you, so I will do that today…better late than never (which is the … Continue reading

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The Start of Something Big

I missed yesterday’s post, which was supposed to be something about writing. I confess I haven’t been working on my writing, even though it seems I should have all the time in the world with my broken ankle keeping me … Continue reading

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