May the Fourth Be With You

This Friday MAYbe blog has got me stumped, because Fridays are for funny. I’m not really sure how to write funny, even though one of my classes when I went back to school a couple years ago ended up being on writing humor (I thought it would be on making money with writing). Evidently, humor is the way to go. Who knew?

My 15-going-on 30 SW geek who is into bow-ties.

So, since I have a hard time purposely being funny, I thought I would relay to you something that made me laugh.

Last night, my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, when we heard Christian, our 15-year-old, chortle. Yes. Chortle. Which is a funny word, so it fits here. And if you knew Christian, you would know it’s exactly the right word. He was on his school’s Facebook page, and he was chortling.

Chortle: to laugh or chuckle, especially in satisfaction or exultation.

“What’s funny?” we asked him.

“Tomorrow’s May the fourth,” he said.

“Uh. Okay. What’s May the fourth? Do you have a test or something?”

“You know, May the fourth. Can we leave a little early for school?”

Christian’s collectible light-saber. Disregard the shoes.

Then he chortled some more and said he needed to bring his light-saber to school because tomorrow was one of those days when fun things go on before school.


“You are not bringing your hundred-dollar light-saber to school,” my husband told him. (Yes. Our sons have hundred-dollar light-sabers. Don’t judge.)

The conversation was mystifying, which is standard fare with this child, though I’d like to think if my brain was not mush from weeks of sitting around with my leg up I would have caught on sooner.  For the next few minutes, Christian alternated between chortling and typing furiously, with a few “YES’s” thrown in.

This morning, out on the patio, my husband said Christian had gone into the garage to get one of his other light-sabers (yep, we also have a tub full of light-sabers). And it clicked.

May the Fourth, as in May the Fourth Be With You. I laughed out loud — in my mind bloomed the image of a flash-mob of 15-year-olds having a light-saber duel in front of the school. Because today, May 4, is Star Wars Day, a day of celebration for Star Wars geeks everywhere (I have two). May the Fourth Be With You.

Know what tomorrow is?


Revenge of the Fifth.

Go ahead. I dare you not to laugh. 😀

Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day (Photo credit: Cayusa)

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20 Responses to May the Fourth Be With You

  1. Talk to me...I'm your Mother says:

    Now that’s fun! And all I knew for tomorrow was Cinco de Mayo.

  2. ShallSpeak says:

    XD I love it! Sweet post and what fun! And I completely laughed at “Revenge of the Fifth.” 🙂 May the Fourth be with you I’d heard before, but not Revenge of the Fifth.

  3. I had no idea and I live with a 49 year old star wars fan. thanks for the chortle!

  4. pharphelonus says:

    I know people that make money dressing up as Star Wars people. scary

  5. masterdurin4 says:

    don’t feel too bad about the $100 lightsabers – I dropped a little over $400 for mine. 😐

  6. MCV EGAN says:

    So is the fourth to protect you from the fifth as in a Fifth of Wiskey?

    • 😀 No, it’s from Star Wars. “May the Force be with you.” And from the last SW movie (episode 3) titled “Revenge of the Sith.” It really is pretty geeky, but it makes me laugh.

  7. Bushlings says:

    Makes me want to be a kid again! Funny thing is a friend of mine put May the Fourth be with you on Facebook and I didn’t get it until I’d read it four times **hand over my eyes**

    • That’s funny. I had to groan the first time I heard it too. And then I still didn’t catch it when my son was talking about it. Guess you have to be a REALLY big Star Wars fan to get it right off the bat. 🙂

  8. mj monaghan says:

    I just loved this play on words, when I heard it on the news. Fantastic. And for all of us Star Wars fans, even better.

    Great post and fun, Jeanette!

  9. LOL. I love that he has a lightsaber and that there is a container of them in the garage. Fantastic fun. One question, do you have the Princess Leia coffee roll style buns somewhere? 🙂

  10. heehee! My husband was more excited about this day than my son (who also is named Christian!)

  11. Hi Darla! Funny how the big boys are still little boys, isn’t it? And now that you say it, I do remember reading about your Christian in one of your recent posts–isn’t he known as Mario now? 😀

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