Lesson for the Day: Never Zumba in Your Socks

Imagine the scene. It’s Monday morning, when all good intentions are born (diet and exercise intentions, for instance). I kissed my husband goodbye as he left for a week in Detroit. I dropped my son off at school. Then, Reesie (my dog) and I went for a walk, 3.5 miles in 55 minutes, including a couple water stops. Yay! I was on a roll. Back at home, I kicked off my tennies, popped in the Zumba disk, and went to town.

In my effort to get fit, strengthen my bones and fit back into my size 10s, I have recently become an exercise fiend. Okay. Not a fiend, exactly. Maybe an enthusiast. No. I try to be a fiend; I wish I was an enthusiast…honestly, I’m neither. Let’s just say I’m determined. So, I’ve been on the treadmill, and I’ve also been walking with my dog every day instead of just a couple times a week. I’ve been exercising at home, and I recently decided to put my kids’ Wii to good use and do something I’ve wanted to do for a while now — learn Zumba.

Fun, fun! It reminds of aerobics. I must really be a child of the ‘80s because I’ve loved aerobics ever since I first started in the lobby of my dorm at NAU. To look good doing Zumba requires a little more rhythm than aerobics, though, and a lot more rhythm than I possess, but I was having a good time with it. Plus, I enjoy making my son laugh and roll his eyes.

Did you catch that I kicked off my tennies on Monday after my walk and before I popped in the exercise disk? Yep. I was doing Zumba in my socks, on an area rug surrounded by a wood floor.   …Do you see what’s coming? I didn’t, idiot that I am. All it took was one lunging step off the rug. My left foot slid on the floor, but my right foot stayed where it was. Down, down, down went my body, and CRACK went my right ankle.

Yes. After all my Risky Business slides on the wood floor, after all the years of telling the kids to be careful coming around the corners in their socks, all it took was one step for me to break my ankle in two places and rupture a tendon for good measure.

Nothing surgery can’t fix, I’m told.

This is what happens when you Zumba in your socks.

My cast is kind of a pretty dark blue. It has white medical-tape racing stripes holding it together, and my toes are peeking out from the top. I have to keep my foot elevated above the level of my heart, which I’m finding is no easy task, and I have to use crutches, which totally sucks. My mom is taking me to doctor appointments until my husband gets home on Saturday, and my son has been running around like crazy after school this week, having to do almost everything I would normally do — he’s such a good kid. It seems I have turned more lives than mine upside-down with my airhead mistake.

Surgery on Tuesday. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared. So I’m trying not to think about it, and to keep a sense of humor. I really do have to laugh — it’s just another entry for the It Just Figures Crapfest! No bugs, though, so that’s good. 🙂


About Jeannette Monahan

A writer sidetracked by life, with a husband and two boys who shine brighter than Arizona sunshine. Visit me at my blogs: jeannettemonahan.wordpress.com or jmmonahan.wordpress.com. You are always welcome.
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24 Responses to Lesson for the Day: Never Zumba in Your Socks

  1. SnowBlondie says:

    Love Love Love this! so funny..

  2. drangedinaz says:

    I am so sorry! That sounds like something I would do. I will make mental note…no zumba-ing in socks.

    • Definitely, no socks. Probably one of my stupidest mistakes ever. I’m just thankful my kids (well, the one still at home) are old enough to be self-sufficient. He was great last week, helping me with everything until my husband got home on Saturday. I can’t imagine what I would have done if they were still little.

  3. Oh dear. And just when I was thinking of taking up Zumba. I will definitely wear shoes.

  4. Samir says:

    Hey Jeanette, So sorry to hear the crap fest continues… I really hope it heals well and quick.

  5. subtlekate says:

    Oh no I am so sorry to read about this. A bit funny too I have t admit. By now your surgery is over and your nerves are all gone and you are on the mend. Having had a few ankle operations and some pretty cool hardware put in, I can relate. No more zumba socks for you.

    • Ooh, I wish it was over already, but no–my surgery is tomorrow. Yes, I will get to have hardware too, a plate and lots of screws to attach it to my bone. And a couple pins across the front of my foot for the tendon or ligament or whatever it was that I ruptured. Sigh…not looking forward to it. But at the same time, I’m glad it’s soon because at least then I will be starting to actually heal.

  6. Oh no! that’s awful … I had foot surgery last year and, if I can share one tip with you, it’s to get “command central” ready before you go … snacks, water, remote, books, etc. I feel your pain.


    • Thanks, MJ. And thanks for the tip. I have definitely put that to good use this week. For the most part, I am parked on the couch with the phone,the remote, and a glass of water on my left side, the computer on my lap, my leg up on pillows piled on the ottoman, and my books on the right side. I’m actually trying to be careful about the snacks because I don’t want to make fitting into my jeans any more of a chore than it was before I did this. 🙂

  7. You poor thing! Good luck with the surgery. Just back from holiday in Mexico where they zumba’d on the beach – I stayed safely on the sun lounger!

  8. Talk to me...I'm your Mother says:

    Okay, please report after the surgery. I can so commiserate since I fell OUT of the pantry yesterday onto my back. Luckily I escaped injury…but really! Why am I not watching more carefully?
    Hope it went well.

    • oh my gosh! I’m so sorry I missed your comment. I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself — how did you do that? My imagination conjures up stepping backward off a step-stool or something. Surgery went well, thank you — I can’t believe it’s been a week already!

  9. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Ouch Jeannette! I have the same problem though. I get over exuberant when returning to a work out routine. One time I decided to do the stairs. Except I lived in a 35 floor high rise. And I decided to do 100 flights in 40 minutes. Yeah, I could barely walk for a week after that. Dumb move. Then there was the time I tried to learn to rollerblade and broke my bone in the elbow joint. My right arm was unusable for 2 months. Don’t feel bad, we all have those best of intentions moments that lead to an accident. 🙂

  10. Thanks, Kourtney. Holy smokes–100 flights?? No wonder you couldn’t walk 🙂 And your elbow, too. I’m trying to decide whether it would be worse to not use my arm or my leg. It’s a toss-up.

  11. Caerlynn Nash says:

    I certainly understand that you don’t find the situation particularly funny, but at least you still had “something” in you that chose to share it in a humorous way. Hope you feel better real soon!

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  13. It’s good a good storyteller who can make us smile while relating the tale of her unfortunate adventures. Wishing you a swift recovery, Jeannette.

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