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I Am the Mulberry Tree

I remember, as a child, looking at the calendar bulletin board in class. March usually had cut-outs of a roaring lion at the beginning of the month and a docile lamb at the end: March comes in like a lion … Continue reading

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Awesome Blog Content Award

Awesome Blog Content Award I have to say “Wow, thanks!” to Samir and the rest of Cecile’s Writers for liking my blog enough to pass on the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) award to me. It was a nice surprise in … Continue reading

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The “It Just Figures” Crapfest

It’s nice to know that Fate is consistent in doling out the “it just figures” crap through the years. Maybe you read about my Worst Day Ever — insurance issues, flat tires and crock pot disasters, among other minor catastrophes. … Continue reading

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A Cold-Like Virus

It begins like a cold — a few sniffles, a couple sneezes, watery eyes. It creeps up on me, insidious and silent. It plays with me: first this, then that. Slowly, though, knowing I still believe it is a day … Continue reading

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WSJD (What Should Jeannette Do?)

Okay, sorry about the title…I couldn’t resist. 🙂 So here’s the deal: I came up against a minor dilemma last week. It’s not earth-shattering or anything, but it has me thinking. I’ve begun working on a nature-oriented children’s article and … Continue reading

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